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Electronics at Camp

BB Camp Unplugged

We understand kids and teens very well. That is why we deliver this message with total respect for their feelings, as we ask our campers and staff: Please unplug your electronics...and plan to plug into your friends, the outdoors, and life at Camp!


Our Electronics Policy is designed to:

  • encourage your children to spend more time off their beds and outdoors
  • promote socialization between campers
  • remove the divide between “the haves, and the have-nots” in each cabin
  • reduce the stress associated with the damage to and theft of electronics
  • give your children a much needed break from the world of technology
  • allow your children to fully embrace and “plug into” the connections they make with other campers as they “unplug” from their electronics
  • ensure that your children are not exposed to age-inappropriate material

Like all summer camps, we have given serious thought to this issue. Like many camps, we have chosen to differentiate between time at Camp versus the rest of the year. We have learned that Camp is very different...and that is what makes it so special. Now for the details about acceptable electronics.



If your child must have his/her music at Camp, either for fun or Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation, please send:

  • a CD player and CD’s,
  • an inexpensive mp3 player,
  • or an older generation iPod that does not have a touch screen.

We will not allow any MP3 players/mobile devices with touch screens. This way we can ensure that our campers cannot watch videos, TV shows, movies or access the internet. As such, campers may not bring any smart phones, even if the SIM card has been removed.

Digital Camera


We encourage you to send an inexpensive digital camera or disposable cameras. (Make sure you pack enough memory cards and batteries.) Please discuss proper handling of the camera and how pictures should be taken of bunkmates only with their permission. Again, this is Camp, so please leave expensive cameras at home.



No electronic held-hand game devices will be allowed in Camp. Each cabin has a box with board games and card games. These games, not hand-held electronic games, allow our campers to socialize, interact with one another, and build community within the cabin.



Campers are not permitted to have these, or similar electronic devices, in Camp. Please make sure you purchase, and pack, any books your child might be interested in reading.

Cell Phones


It is our long-standing policy that campers may not bring cell phones to Camp.

We believe that being at BB Camp is an opportunity for your child to experience a world beyond home and a chance for you and your child to practice “letting go.” “Letting go” allows children to develop autonomy, independence, and a stronger sense of self. It allows them to make new friends, take responsibility for themselves and their cabin-mates, problem solve, and mature a bit. This growth cannot be achieved when parents are only a phone call away.

Although cell phones have been strictly prohibited at Camp for many years, a number of families choose to ignore this policy. The consequences of this are disastrous:

  • leading to conflicts within the cabin
  • allowing campers to focus on their friends at home rather than their friends at Camp
  • enabling campers to call parents when they need advice instead of turning to their peers or counselors
  • preventing campers from problem solving.


We feel cell phone use at Camp is counter to the values we teach and uphold at BB Camp and interferes with an important peer aspect of the overnight camp experience. Using a cell phone is not why you send your child here.

To send a very clear message about how strongly we feel about leaving cell phones at home, we have a zero-tolerance cell phone policy. If we learn that any camper has a cell phone in Camp, we will take it away and store it in the Camp’s Director office until the end of the session.

Please take the time to discuss this policy with your camper. In the past, campers have hidden their cell phones in their bags without their parents’ knowledge.


ONE LAST WORD ON ELECTRONICS... From our front-line experience over the years, we can reassure you that these policies prove themselves worthy and that campers are resilient. They adjust quickly, and we do our part to help them power down, unplug, and take a well-needed break from the world of electronics. We recommend that your child powers down, unplugs, and takes what we’re certain is a well-needed break from the world of electronics. Please be respectful of the usage and content limitations we have in place. If you have any questions or want further clarification, please contact the Winnipeg Camp Office at 204.477.7512 or at the Camp at 807.548.4178.