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Airport Information


If your family resides outside of Manitoba and you do not have family or friends in Winnipeg, you must contact the Camp to coordinate transportation arrangements for your child.  Campers flying into the Winnipeg Richardson International Airport will be met by a BB Camp representative and billeted at a home (if necessary). 

Alternatively, transportation arrangements will be made for campers traveling to the airport following their bus arrival to Winnipeg.  Parents are responsible for their own child’s flight plans and should, therefore, book their tickets at once in order to get the lowest airfare available and ensure a space is available on the flight of your choice. 

We ask that you note the bus arrival schedule into Winnipeg prior to booking your child’s flight to ensure that there is no overlap.  A copy of your child’s flight schedule should be sent to the camp office as soon as possible. 

All non-Canadians are required to have a passport or photo ID for international flights.  The following documents should be sent with your child and handed to the Camp Director upon your child’s arrival to Camp: child’s passport, ticket or E-ticket, emergency money, permission letter from parent authorizing your child to travel on their own and the BB Camp contact phone number list.  The administration will safely store all documents while your child is under our care.



We suggest you check with your airline about boarding your child as an “unaccompanied minor”.  Most airlines now require you to register as an unaccompanied minor if the child is under 16 years old.  In any event we suggest you do so. 

A small fee is usually applied to your account when you check in ($50 - $100).  You will be required to supply the child’s ID (passport) and flight itinerary.  This means the airline will take responsibility for your child from the time you check them in until we meet them on their arrival (and the same on their return). 

Leaving Winnipeg, your child once checked in, must pass through security +/or customs.  Our staff are not allowed to enter the security/customs area.  The unaccompanied minor service gives them special attention and supervision every step of the way and also gives them special seating arrangements.