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Resident Camp

BB Camp offers a two week session and a three week session. The two week session are available for campers completing 4th and 5th grade. The three-week sessions is available for campers completing 6th through 8th grade.  The Camp also offers two introductory programs – a four day session for campers completing 1st and 2nd grade and an eight day session for campers completing 3rd or 4th grade. 

Campers are divided into age groups, or sections, based on the grade they have most recently completed.

Introductory Programs


Our youngest campers get a chance to explore what is often their first home away from home experience in smaller cabin ratios and with staff who have a strong appreciation for working with small children.  This five day introductory program is packed with BB Camp activities and the annual Teddy Bear Picnic provides the initial foundation for enjoying the outdoors.  The session is for campers entering grades two or three.

Taste of BB

We create all of the excitement and adventure of BB Camp into a wonderful week long session option geared for second year campers or those who haven’t previously experience resident camping.  Campers have a chance to “taste” every specialty program by cabin group and participate in sectional and campwide programs with the older campers.  Our TOBB campers experience their first cookout meal and learn about the outdoors in a fun-filled adventure.  The program culminates with our TOBB campers and First Session campers participating together in the two day Maccabiah event – sure to bring laughter and spirit to every participant. 

Two Weeks in July (TWIJ)

The TWIJ program is designed to give campers a full variety of experiences at BB Camp, packing all of the excitement and adventure of Camp into two fun weeks. Campers participate in age appropriate activities and unique programs, including participating in overnights and spending a meaningful Shabbat at Camp. We hand-select staff to work with this group to ensure these campers become comfortable in the summer camp environment and have the time of their lives! Campers are divided into two age sections:  Kifirim (entering 4th or 5th grade) or Kachot (entering 6th grade).

Three Week Program

Three Week Session

During our three week session, campers entering grades 7 to 9 are offered an incredible variety of experiences that evolve with each year they return to BB Camp. Second Session offers a mix of camp fun and outtripping excitement.  Campers will have even more opportunities to explore new activities, deepen tripping and canoeing skills and soak up all that BB Camp has to offer. In this longer session, there are a wider range of evening programs and theme days and the session is designed to provide lots of social time with peers and the chance to make new friends.   Longer canoe trips and unique sectional programs keep summer exciting, while affording every camper the opportunity to experience all of the Camp activities they love. Campers are divided into three sections: Ruach, Chavura and Abirut.