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Inclusion Programs

We welcome campers with special needs each session.

We are a welcoming community, whether campers have special needs or not; they are important to us. Our campers with special needs live in fully integrated regular camper cabins, with an extra staff member supporting the cabin to ensure that their particular needs are met.

BB Camp will consider all requests to attend one of its programs on an individual basis. Campers may be refused participation at BB Camp if the Camp is unable to provide the resources to meet the needs of the individual or to provide a positive and safe camp experience for the individual. Resource limitations relate to staffing, facilities and camp surroundings.

The ability of BB Camp to provide a camp opportunity for some individuals is limited by:

  • Counsellor / child ratio of 1-7. Any child not able to be safe and gain a positive experience within this ratio may be refused.
  • If the child requires a full-time aide in order to participate in program and manage daily hygiene practises and no aide is provided by the family or available through the Camp.
  • The slopes and paths on the site require high mobility skills. The Camp is unable to provide an appropriate experience for any individual in a wheelchair or with moderate to high mobility difficulties.
  • The program includes eight hours of physical activities each day. The Camp is unable to provide an appropriate experience for any camper who would require alternate programming.
  • Location on a lake poses a serious water hazard. The Camp is unable to provide a safe opportunity for any child with a history of running away or unsafe behaviour around water.
  • The Camp provides at minimum a health officer with Standard First Aid qualifications. The Camp is unable to provide for management of medical needs requiring higher skills.
Where BB Camp is unable to offer a safe and positive camp experience to an individual based on the information above, the family will be provided information as to why the registration will not be accepted and the contact details for the Manitoba Camping Association to assist in locating an alternate camp opportunity.

Which Special Needs We Can Accommodate

We are able to accommodate campers with autism, and developmental delays . Because of the rough terrain of our site, we cannot accommodate children with significant mobility limitations, and because Camp requires group living, we also cannot accommodate children with behavioural issues. We can accommodate children with special needs for flexible session dates.

For more information please contact the Camp Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 204.477.7512.