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Safety, Health and Wellness


A healthy camp is a happy camp. That is why maintaining camper health is a top priority at BB Camp. The Camp enlists nurses to staff our fully equipped health centre. Regular hours accommodate all campers and staff that require medical attention and around the clock care handles any emergency situations. Lake of the Woods District Hospital is located just 10 minutes by boat from our site.

Additional Health Centre Services:

  • Camp wide lice checks upon arrival
  • Epi Pen training for all staff
  • Regular medication dispensing
  • Sun protection protocol

Download the BB Camp Handbook (946 KB) for further Health Centre procedures.

Vegetarian & Allergy Diets

We have an excellent vegetarian menu, and accommodate food allergies, gluten, and lactose free diets - with advance info. For lactose intolerant children, don't send lactose free milk, we supply it. If your child is seriously allergic: TELL US! Make sure the allergy info is on the Health Information Form and in addition, for your child’s safety, e-mail or phone the Executive Director before Camp to make an allergy safety plan for your child ( or at Camp at 807.548.4178).

Life Threatening Food Allergies

There are children at camp with life threatening food allergies. Please help us keep them safe and do not send any foods containing nuts, including for the bus ride. Because of children with life-threatening allergies to peanut butter, nuts and seeds, our dining hall does not serve peanut, nut or seed products. 

If your child is seriously allergic: TELL US! Make sure the allergy info is on the Medical Form and E-mail or phone the Executive Director before Camp to make an allergy safety plan for your child ( or at Camp at 807.548.4178)

If your child has a life-threatening allergy, we REQUIRE that he/she come to Camp with two (2) EpiPens. One EpiPen should be in a fanny pack for your child to wear whenever they are out of the cabin, and the other for the Health Centre to keep.


We do not allow campers to keep or take any medications in their cabins. This is to ensure that your child is receiving the appropriate medication and to minimize risk. The camp nurses will administer all medications with the exception of inhalers and an EpiPen. 

Please explain to your child that the only medication he/she may keep in the cabin and self-administer is an inhaler for asthma and/or an EpiPen, and that our nurses are very careful to keep medications confidential.

If your child needs an inhaler, send at least two. One stays with the child, the other (labeled) goes to the Health Centre in case the first one gets lost.

All medications must be stored in and administered by our Health Centre. If your child is coming to Camp with medications, they must be in their ORIGINAL packaging with the label, child's name and dosage legible.  All medications should be given to the bus counsellor. If you are driving your child to Camp please give any medications to the BB Camp staff member at the dock.


We ask that you have your child’s oral medications that are in pill, capsule, or caplet form pre‐packaged in “bubble packs” or “blister packs” by your local pharmacy. This ensures our efficient tracking that your child has received his/her medication. Most pharmacies will provide this service upon request.

Don’t send over-the-counter medications “just in case.” We stock plenty of Advil, Claritin, Gravol, etc.

Camp staff cannot accept verbal medical information. After you have submitted your online Medical Form, if you need to update your camper’s medical info, email the camp director (


For the most part you will not hear from Camp’s Health Centre while your child is at Camp; however, there are a few situations when one of the medical staff may need to contact home during the summer. For this reason, please make sure to provide BB Camp with the most up to date contact information.

We strive to ensure that every camper has a healthy and safe stay at Camp, but at times accidents happen and kids do get sick no matter how careful we are. The Health Centre will call to inform you of any significantly irregular medical situations.

Some examples of this may include incidents

  • where the camper must be seen by a physician at the hospital or by a dentist, or
  • if the physician prescribes oral antibiotics or other medications that your child does not normally take,
  • or unusually long illnesses.

Many of the issues we deal with at Camp do not require a phone call home.

These may include the prescribing of some oral medications such as antihistamines, topical creams or lotions, minor cuts and scrapes, minor colds or short term illness that do not require medication.

When we do call home, we will make several attempts to reach you, including cell numbers, and will leave a detailed message on voicemail if necessary. We will also contact your emergency contact if we are unable to reach you. Please ensure that your emergency contact is aware that they may be contacted.

Safety & Security

You are entrusting us with your children and we take this responsibility very seriously. We are therefore committed to providing a safe and secure camping environment for all our campers and staff.

Our Safety Assurance:

  • All waterfront staff are qualified lifeguards
  • Camper supervision during free time
  • First aid kits at all specialty areas
  • Counselling staff certified in Standard First Aid and CPR
  • Supervision of campers during bedtime
  • MCA accredited
  • Risk management of site, facilities and activity areas strictly enforced
  • Thorough staff screening

Your child will be safe with us.

Orthodontic Events at Camp

Kids with braces sometimes experience broken or unattached wires at Camp. We’ve been assured by orthodontists that in the time span of orthodontic treatment, a few weeks without the wires attached is no big deal, so when brace wires break at Camp, we cut them for the child’s comfort, using proper orthodontic tools.

Sun Smarts

We constantly tell campers that being sun-safe is a healthy necessity. We often remind everyone to wear hats and to apply sunscreen before programming begins for the days and to reapply.. But our experience is that many children are extremely resistant to hats and sunscreen. Please educate your children about the dangers of sun exposure. Send hats and sunscreen and tell your children that you expect them to come home with the sunscreen all used up.

Staff Training

At Camp, your child is under the supervision of warm, caring and qualified staff. With a small staff-to-camper ratio, your child is given the individual attention needed to thrive. We also ensure each activity is carefully supervised with properly trained and certified staff, from our National Lifeguard Service-trained swim instructors to our Wilderness First Aid-certified outtrippers.

Emergency Preparedness

While prevention is the best way to keep camp safe, we also regularly practice emergency procedures with the whole camp, ensuring each camper and staff member know exactly what to do in case of an emergency.


BB Camp uses only trusted and high-quality equipment. Everything at Camp, from camping equipment to our high ropes elements, meet (and often exceed) federal and provincial regulatory standards.