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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Coming to Camp can be a big adjustment for many campers, a process that is natural, normal and healthy. Our staff is trained to be aware of each camper’s emotional adjustment. Experience shows that within the first several days of Camp most campers are busy having fun and feeling secure with their counselors, new friends and the outdoor environment. Below, are answers to a few commonly asked questions. Please feel free to send us an Email or contact the Camp Office at 204.477.7512 to speak to the Camp Director, if you a question that is not answered here.


My child will be at Camp for his or her birthday. What does BB Camp do to make it special?
Birthday celebrations at Camp are AWESOME! Counselors go all out to make sure the day is special for your child, and Camp honors each birthday boy or girl with a special cake and celebration. We recommend that you celebrate your child’s birthday with them before or after Camp, but if you would like to send them something special you are welcome to send any non-food gifts to our Camp office for your child’s special day. Birthday packages should be addressed to "Your Child's Name -- Birthday Package."

Parents may also arrange to speak to their child on their birthday at Camp. Please contact the Camp office prior to the camp session to schedule a time to speak to your child. We typically encourage after lunch and after dinner time.


Can my child request bunkmates?
Once registered for Camp, you will receive a Parent Handbook and several forms, including a camper interest form. Your child will be allowed to request up to three friends to bunk with. While we do our best to grant one request for each camper, we cannot guarantee this, and mutual requests always get priority. Please remember that one of our goals at BB Camp is for every camper to make new friends and break down social cliques – therefore, we try to avoid cabins consisting entirely of children from one school. We do not grant requests to be with campers in other sections. We are unable to disclose cabin assignments prior to the camp session. Parents will receive an email highlighting all cabin assignments on the evening of the first day of each camp session.


What is canteen?
Canteen is our “camp store.” Every other day (except on Shabbat – Saturday) campers can choose one snack from the canteen. This is included in the camp fees and has no additional fee.


Can I send my child packages to Camp?
After input from many of our camp families, we no longer accept packages at BB Camp. All packages will be returned to the sender. We only allow flat, non-padded envelopes (maximum size is 8.5" x 11"). If your child forgets a necessary camp item, you can address the package to "Camp Office-- Forgotten Item" and clearly mark inside the package your camper's name. Our office staff will open the package and make sure your child receives the item. As mentioned above, non-food birthday packages are still permitted and should be addressed to "Your Child's Name -- Birthday Package."


What’s the best way to keep in touch with my child?
Write letters! We strongly recommend this form of communication, because opening an envelope is still exciting! Write as often as you want. In fact, we even recommend mailing a letter or two before your child leaves home so that it is there when he or she arrives at BB Camp.

Helpful tips include keep letters upbeat and ask specific questions about your child’s favorite activities, cabin life, and friends.

Although you may want to keep your child informed on what’s going on back home, don’t go into great detail as your child may feel like they are missing out. Also, letters are not an appropriate means of letting your child know bad news, such as a sick relative or pet.

Out of town campers (those residing outside of Winnipeg) may also receive faxes or e-mails that will be distributed with the mail each day. Campers are encouraged to write letters often, and at least once a week, campers must turn in a letter home. Campers are not allowed to send e-mails or faxes, or make telephone calls from camp.



What if I am unable to afford BB Camp this summer, but I value the importance of overnight camp for my child?
BB Camp supports all campers interest to attend camp regardless of parent’s financial ability. We offer several payment plans for families that would like to spread their payments out over the course of the year. Additionally, limited scholarship dollars are available for members of the Winnipeg Community. All Manitoba campers are also eligible to apply to the Manitoba Camping Association’s Sunshine Fund (based upon family income) for funding assistance. Families are encouraged to contact the MCA first at 204.784.1130 for further information regarding the Sunshine Fund.


What if my child has special dietary needs or food allergies?
We do our best at BB Camp to accommodate campers with special dietary needs or food allergies. Please contact the BB Camp Executive Director prior to Camp if your child has serious food restrictions or allergies so that we can prepare for their needs. We provide lactaid, soy milk, and vegetarian meal options at every meal. BB Camp is nut-free and fish-free on its premises.

What happens if my child gets sick at Camp?
Our infirmary is staffed 24-hours-a-day with medics or registered nurses. We are within six minutes of a complete network of health care providers at The Lake of the Woods Kenora Hospital. If your child is not feeling well at Camp you can be confident that he or she will be receiving comforting, excellent, professional care and attention.

We will contact parents if:

  • your child has been in the Infirmary for more than 24 hours.
  • your child is placed on prescription medication.
  • your child has been taken to an out-of-camp physician or emergency room.


You will NOT be notified if:

  • your child spends less than 24 hours in the infirmary,
  • your child receives a routine diagnosis and treatment, which could include cuts, colds, bug bites, stomach aches, sore throats or headaches.


What kind of supervision will my child have at BB Camp?
Every camper lives in cabin with eight to twelve campers and two staff members. Our younger age campers (Habonim and Taste of BB Campers) typically reside in smaller cabin composition. (six – eight campers and two staff members). All counselors and specialists are all certified in Red Cross Standard First Aid and CPR, and all go through an intensive week-long staff orientation prior to camp.

The counselor selection process is competitive, and all counselors must submit an application with references, have an in-depth interview and background check. Our counselors range in ages from 17 – 19 years.

Several cabins comprise a section, and each section has a Section Head Supervisor. Section Head Supervisors are members of the Programming Staff, who each come with camp experience and additional leadership and supervisory experience and training.

Each program area of Camp is led by skilled, well-trained specialists or resource staff, many of whom work outside of Camp in their specialty area. Our waterfront staff are all Red Cross certified lifeguards, and participate in a rigorous water safety training program at Camp. Our Ropes Course/ Climbing staff and canoeing/kayaking staff are also appropriately trained and certified.


How does my child get to and from BB Camp?
Transportation is provided for all campers to and from the Asper Jewish Community Campus in Winnipeg. We believe Camp begins on the bus, and our bus counselors immediately engage campers in games, songs, and cheers, so when the campers step off the bus they’re already feeling comfortable and safe. Transportation for campers from out of town is arranged on an individual basis. Families must contact the Camp Office prior to arranging flight bookings to coordinate in city travel arrangements. Campers are assigned to a specific bus (both ways) typically by age group. 

Parents do have the option of driving to and picking up from Kenora Main Street boat docks. Parents must advise the Camp at least one week prior to bus departures if their child will be meeting the buses or not returning by bus to Winnipeg. A scheduled time is sent to all parents who are dropping off or meeting the boats in Kenora prior to the Camp session.


We’re going to be in Lake of the Woods next week. Can we just stop by to give our camper a hug?
BB Camp has a strict No Visiting policy. As much as we love our BB Camp friends and family, visitors are disruptive to the camp program. In addition, visitors coming and going decreases our ability to provide a secure and safe environment for your children. If you would like to see our facilities, please go to the events page to learn about our spring BB Camp Open House, where you will be able to meet some of our staff and have a tour of Camp.