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Camper Subsidies


B’nai Brith Jewish Community Camp Inc. is a charitable organization committed to ensuring that campers needing a bursary be accommodated if at all possible. We are committed to the ideal that no member of the Jewish community be denied a Jewish social or cultural experience due to inability to pay. Those families that do not have the financial resources to pay full fees will be considered for a bursary (known as a camp subsidy).

At the time of registration, you are required to submit your child’s applicable deposit for the registered session and the Capital Improvement Fund (CIF) fee (see payment schedule for all applicable fees).

When completing the online registration process, please indicate that you are paying by cheque rather than credit card, otherwise the online program will process the registration in its entirety. If you wish to pay for the deposit and CIF by credit card, please contact the Camp office after submitting the online registration. Our telephone number is 204.477.7512.

Please note that there is a 2% administrative fee assessed to all credit card payments.

Within Manitoba, there are two opportunities to secure financial assistance to send your child(ren) to BB Camp:

1. Manitoba Camping Association’s Sunshine Fund

The Manitoba Camping Association's Sunshine Fund is here to help children experience the benefits of camp. It relies on the generous support of donors and granting agencies to provide funding to eligible recipients.

To find out if you qualify please review the Statistics Canada Low Income Cut-Off chart below. If you qualify, the maximum subsidy amount is $700 per child per year.


Size of Family
Income Cut-Off Level for Sushine Fund
Size of Family Income Cut-Off Level for Sushine Fund Includes adults plus dependant children Based on gross annual income
2 $31,544
3 $38,780
4 $47,084
5 $53,402
6 $60,228
7 or more $67,055

Due to the high number of applications received, the following information must be attached to your completed Sunshine Fund application in order to be considered.

  • Proof of income, examples include notice of assessment, pay stub, or letter of employment.
  • Minimum $25 non-refundable parent contribution per child. Please contact the MCA Office at 204.784.1130 with any questions or concerns regarding parental financial contributions.
  • Copy of your Manitoba Health Card.
  • A letter or drawing indicating why a camp experience is important to you and/or your child.
  • Completed online BB Camp registration or hard copy sent to BB Camp directly
  • Online applications are accepted beginning February, 2018.

2. BB Camp’s Subsidy Application Form

BB Camp provides financial assistance to families with limited financial resources. You are encouraged to apply to both the Sunshine Fund and to BB Camp for financial assistance. If you have submitted an application to Sunshine Fund and deemed eligible for funding, BB Camp will wait until a decision has been made by the MCA office before it considers a secondary scholarship.

To apply for a Camp Subsidy, please click here.

Complete the application form and return the form with the following documents:

  • Copy of your Notice of Assessment from the previous year.
  • You will be required to provide a copy of your child tax benefit if you do not have your Notice of Assessment from the previous year.
  • Proof of current income for both parents/guardians (the last two pay period stubs).
  • Copy of your Manitoba Health Card.

How long does the application process take?

There is a one week approval process once all required documents have been submitted. If you are applying for Sunshine Fund assistance as well, BB Camp will reserve a decision of its funding until confirmation has been received by Sunshine Fund.

Sunshine Fund will notify BB Camp directly if you have been approved for financial assistance.

You will receive notification of the status of your application by Email. Once you have received a decision of your application, and if you have been approved for financial assistance, a payment schedule will be sent. You are required to submit the balance of your fee at that time. Camp fees must be paid in full by the end of August.

How does BB Camp determine how much I pay?

The financial assistance that we offer is based on your total household income and number of dependents and determined by resources provided by Statistics Canada. Our Membership assistance ranges from 20-45% of the regular camp fees.

Where does the funding for Financial Assistance come from?

BB Camp is a charitable organization which gratefully receives funding from:

  • The Jewish Federation of Winnipeg/Combined Jewish Appeal
  • The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba
  • The Winnipeg Foundation
  • Private donations
  • BB Camp fundraising efforts