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BB Camp is pleased to announce that Jerrod Henoch has joined our BB Camp family as Executive Director. A former Winnipegger, more recently he has called Edmonton home. Married to Mary, together they have two children, Noah age 12 and Maia age 10. Jerrod’s knowledge of the Jewish overnight camp world is extensive and his experience working with children, youth and young adults in the not for profit world spans more than a dozen years. Coupled with his four year stint working in customer service in the corporate world, Jerrod is an excellent choice for this position.

The Associate Director serves as a lead member of the management team in creating the vision for and the development and implementation of programs that shape and define the BB Camp experience for children ages 4-16.

What a year 2016 was! View our recap video below to relive all the memories.

Registration for the AC@50 Reunion Program is now open!

Since 1954 boys and girls, ages 8-16 have been building lifelong friendships and lasting memories at BB Camp. We are now celebrating out 50th year of the Advanced Camp program.

Canoe Trips | August 18-24

Town Island Celebration | August 24-26

Return to the Lake 2016 - AC@50 Reunion Program

The inaugural BB Camp Alumni get together in Toronto was held on November 5th at the home of Donna Chudnow.