Capital Campaign is 49% funded
1 month, 18 days until first session

Board of Directors

BB Camp is very proud of its dedicated crew of volunteers that comprises its Board of Directors. The Board of Directors meet nine times during the year. Board members serve or chair a committee that is responsible for overseeing the financial, development, programming and health and welfare of the organization. Committees include: Capital/Operations, Finance, Fundraising, Governance, Health and Safety, Nominating, Programming and Steering Committee for the Capital Campaign. Interested members of the community who would like to participate on a board committee are encouraged to submit their interest in writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. BB Camp's Annual General Meeting is held the second week of December and held at the Asper Campus. Any appointments to the Board are typically filled at that time.


Rebecca Powell


Elana Schultz


Leah Leibl


Sean Smith, CA


Irwin Corobow



Board of Directors

Jason Bernstein

Elizabeth Boroditsky

Michelle Chisick

Jonathan Feldman

Murray Gilfix

Dr. Samuel Lazareck

Mark Lomow

Rory Paul

Carrie Shenkarow

Michael Weinstein

Mardy Yager

2017 - 18 Board of Directors' Meeting Dates

All meetings will be held in the Kroft Board Room, Asper Campus, unless otherwise noted in brackets

Tuesday, October 3
7:00 pm
Thursday, November 16 
7:00 pm (Simkin Centre)
Tuesday, December 4 - AGM
7:00 pm (MPR)
Tuesday, January 9
7:00 pm
Tuesday, February 6
7:00 pm
Monday, March 5
7:00 pm
Tuesday, April 24
7:00 pm (MPR)
Monday, May 7
7:00 pm
Sunday, July 29
10:30 am - BB Camp Board Visit (Town Island)
Summer 2018 Preview