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To keep things simple, BB Camp offers a flat rate for its OE package.  All rental rates includes use of all activities (no hidden or additional costs for lifeguarding), use of camp staff to facilitate programs and activities and we also offer night patrol duty - to allow staff to meet after programming hours.  Don't see something that suits your needs, simply contact us and we will customize a package for your school.

Included in our rental package:
  • BB Camp Outdoor Ed School Coordinator
  • Accommodations
  • Meals and evening snacks
  • One meeting area
  • Waterfront Use (lifeguard included)
  • Recreational equipment
  • School Schedule
  • Janitorial services

Rental Rates for 2016    - all fees are subject to HST (13%)

Fee per student: (under 55)                    Fee per student: (over 55  students)

2 days/1 night       $ 92.00                    2 days/1 night    $  87.00
3 days/2 nights    $147.00                    3 days/2 nights  $142.00

No rental fee is charged to school staff


School is required to:

  • Provide a supervisor to student ratio of 1:8 while on site, as recommended by the Safety Guidelines for Physical Activity in Manitoba Schools, and as required by camps who are accredited with the Manitoba Camping Association.
  • Provide a minimum of 1 supervisor for each activity class.
  • Clear tables after meals, keep activity areas tidy & clear of litter and clean sleeping areas before departure.

Please note, BB Camp Outdoor Educators are available only as instructors for your camp activities. Schools must provide all supervisory personnel.


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