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8 months, 15 days until first session

Campership Program

In Manitoba, over 24,000 single-parent families live under Canada's poverty line, unfortunately these are the kids that need Camp the most. Each year thousands of children have the chance to make friends, build relationships and experience adventures in a safe and comfortable environment at BB Camp.

Many youth are unable to attend BB Camp for a variety of reasons and the demand for campership funds is greater than ever before. Through your investment in the campership fund, you are ensuring that these children get to experience BB Camp, cultivating stronger leadership, building community and creating broad smiles.

We would love to see your children at BB Camp; experiencing new things, meeting new friends and enjoying the sleepover of the summer!

Upon approval, BB Camp will provide a bursary for a single camp session, to a maximum value of $900.00. BB Camp only provides campership support to families residing in Manitoba.

The steps to apply for BB Camp Bursaries are as follows:

  1. Contact to comfirm space for your session of Camp and request a Campership Assessment Application Form.
  2. Include Income Verification 2015 T4 Forms/ 2014 Notice of Assessment
    • Provide income verification by sending in a photocopy or original of the following: Current Employment or Social Allowances Benefit receipt, Income Summary of 2015 Income Tax Return and verification of child support payments (if applicable). We need to assess your current financial status in order to be able to provide assistance and to determine your parental contribution costs.
  3. A copy of your Manitoba Health Card.
  4. Complete, Sign & Mail ALL the following forms to BB Camp:
  • BB Camp Camper Registration Form
  • BB Camp Campership Application Form
  • Parental Contribution towards your child's camp experience (minimum contribution is applicable camp deposit and capital improvement fund (CIF) at the time of registration).
  • Income Verification (copy) from each parent.
  • Manitoba Health Card (copy).
  • Indicate whether or not you have applied to the Manitoba Camping Association's Sunshine Fund.

2016 Campership Eligibility Criteria

You and your family is eligible to receive a bursary from BB Camp based on a total Family Size and Family Income Level. To determine eligibility, identify your total family size and ensure that your total family income does nto exceed that allowable limit for support. Please note that the Camp utilizes the table for a framework of assessment, however, each application is assessed on a case by case basis. Families exceeding the total family income are invited to apply for a campership assessment if the family feels there are special circumstances that may impact one's ability to pay full fee.

Total Family
Household Size

Maximum Allowable
Total Family Income

2 $29,005
3 $35,658
4 $43,293
5 $49,103
6 $55,379
For each additional family member add $6,268

To apply, please click here for a PDF of the BB Camp 2016 Campership Application Form.

Thank you for considering BB Camp; we look forward to having your child(ren) at BB Camp with us this summer!

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